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Julie Hill Neth Hill Border Collies – The Natural Way
Julie Hill is launching a new training package which comprises blocks of on-line tuition specifically focused on learning The Natural Way method of handling.
Depending on demand the first blocks will launch in June 2021 and will run till the end of August. Participants can take part either with or without a dog and dogs may be at any level from started dogs to fully trained.  The training explains the theory and practice of Natural Way handling and helps participants to develop their skills in the method. 
On-line teaching consists of: feedback on individual dogs; video analysis with digital mark-up and commentary that is shared as a recording afterwards; critical review of case study videos; master-class demonstration videos; group discussion; and regular Zoom meetings held on a weekday evening. 
Courses progress through Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced levels of Natural Way handling skills.
For further details, including Application processes for Julie Hill’s Neth Hill Border Collies Natural Way courses please email: NaturalWaysheepdogsonline@hotmail.com
Other opportunities
Post-COVID It is envisaged that opportunities will arise to attend Residential schools, and once it is safe to do so these will be integrated into the training packages and price adjusted to reflect that (for those that take up this option). 
There may also be opportunities for those attending courses to further their knowledge by taking part in the Natural Way Shadow Scheme with the chance of work experience for dogs who are at the right level of training.
For both future Residentials and the Shadowing Scheme some accommodation maybe available on-site and Julie Hill Neth Hill Border Collies also has a luxury cabin about 30 minutes away which could also be booked. 
For further details, including funding options  and Application processes for Julie Hill’s Neth Hill Border Collies Natural Way courses please email: NaturalWaysheepdogsonline@hotmail.com
In addition to the Women in Agriculture Fund, supported by The Scottish Government there is the Women in the Rural Economy Training Fund.  The fund offers support to women resident in Scotland who are either already working in the rural sector, or studying rural subjects full-time or part-time, or who are keen to start work in this area and who are able to demonstrate how a training course will support the development of their business or employment options.
The £100k fund which will be closely monitored by the Scottish Government and managed by Lantra Scotland and will provide funding for 100% of costs for training up to the value of £500 per course.  Applications for training over the value of £500 will still be accepted and will be assessed depending on the value to the individual or business.
Applicants will apply on a monthly basis and if successful Lantra will advise the candidate and the identified training provider.  The candidate will then book their training directly with the training provider with the training provider invoicing Lantra for the full cost of the course.
Financial support is available to women either working in agriculture or studying agriculture through Lantra – see: https://www.scotland.lantra.co.uk/women-agriculture-practical-training-fund
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A young dog showing good natural ability 
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